Reputation Changer Reviews Best, Worst SEO Practices

Reputation Changer reviews all of the latest strategies in SEO and online reputation management—which is itself no easy feat. Search engine optimization is constantly changing and shifting, because the search engines themselves are constantly changing and shifting. If you don’t believe it, simply ask any of the webmasters or bloggers whose sites received penalties due to Google’s Panda or Penguin updates!

What Google’s algorithmic shifts reveal, though, is not that the search engine simply likes changing things for the sake of changing things. Its regulations and its algorithmic updates are anything but arbitrary. Rather, they are all designed to uphold Google’s own standards of quality. Those standards are, themselves, fairly static—so companies that play by Google’s rules will find that they are able to float above the Panda and Penguin penalties, without worry and without breaking a sweat.

To understand how to comply with Google—and how to avoid search engine penalizations—it is important to first understand some basic principles of SEO. Below, reviews some of the most fundamental tents of black hat and white hat SEO. From there, the company will explain some of the best—and worse—SEO practices.

Black and White

The key to understanding search engine optimization is to understand the difference between black hat and white hat SEO. In some ways, the distinction is a simple one. Black hat SEO views the search engines as enemies, or as obstacles to overcome. White hatters, meanwhile, view the search engines as allies, and they try to work alongside them rather than work against them.

A few further points to note:

  • Black hatters typically resort to quick-and-easy tactics that are essentially efforts to game the system, or to cheat Google. The emphasis is never on providing quality content or a user-friendly website, but rather, the focus is on gimmicks—keyword stuffing, invisible text, paid links, or something similar.
  • White hat SEOs, meanwhile, work in full compliance with the stated rules of Google and Bing. As such, these efforts usually involve quality content and smart website design.
  • There are some who say that a third category, “gray hat SEO,” also exists, and effectively mixes the tactics of whit hatters and black hatters—but for all intents and purposes, this is really just toned-down black hat.

So which method is better? Black hat SEO produces quick results, but they are never long-lasting, and indeed, they practically ask for Google penalties. What this means is that investing in black hat techniques is really nothing more than a waste of money. White hat tactics, meanwhile, do not offer quite such speedy results, but they do offer results that are built to last.

But the important question is this: What are the specific methodologies associated with black hat and white hat SEO? Reputation Changer reviews a few examples, below.

Reputation Changer Reviews Black Hat Strategies

According to Reputation Changer, black hat strategies are numerous, and include:

  • Any kind of dishonest link-collecting. Google’s engineer, Matt Cutts, recently said that webmasters should spend more time building quality websites and less time worrying about links, and that’s very much the direction that Penguin points to. Google clearly doesn’t like webmasters who buy links or obtain them from spammy websites, yet this is exactly what many black hatters insist on doing.
  • Any kind of shady keyword tactics. There are a number of dishonest keyword tactics that black hatters have used over the years. The first is keyword stuffing—essentially, throwing in so many keywords that a website ceases to make any sense to human readers. The second is the use of invisible text, designed to appeal to search bots but adding no value to readers. Thankfully, the search engines have largely done away with both tactics.
  • Anything that puts the search bots over human readers. The bottom line is that Google and Bing desperately want to provide quality search results to their users—which means that any site that doesn’t emphasize quality is not going to rank well, period.

Reputation Changer Reviews White Hat SEO

According to ReputationChanger, there are numerous reputable approaches to SEO that are in complete compliance with the written standards of Google and Bing. Reputation Changer reviews some examples, which include:

  • Creating high-quality content. Simply put, the best way to appeal to the search bots is to also appeal to human search engine users. This means providing information that is engaging, informative, and interesting. It is not for nothing that the phrase “content is king” has become so common in SEO circles.
  • Earning links organically. While Google does not wish for webmasters to spend all their time hunting down links, it is impossible to deny that links won legitimately can really help a site’s standing. One way to do this is through a guest blogging campaign, or simply through forming real relationships with like-minded webmasters and bloggers.
  • On-site elements. There are many HTML elements that can help a site to perform better in the search engine rankings. These include the proper use of meta tags and titles, as well as alt tags on images. Using some strategic keywords here is acceptable, so long as keyword stuffing is avoided.
  • Social media cues. Social media has come to play a huge role in white hat SEO. Google favors content that has received numerous shares on Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter—and of course, on its own Google+!

Why it Matters

Those who are considering hiring an SEO or ORM firm are smart to ask exactly which school of SEO is implemented. What makes this so important? We have already made it clear: Black hat SEO will do in a pinch, but it is not made to last. In fact, sites that implement black hat tactics and then receive Google penalties will face a particularly tough time climbing back up the rankings.

White hat SEO, meanwhile, offers a chance to craft a website with real value—not just to readers, but to Google. It is by adding value that you have the best chance to obtaining rankings. That’s ultimately what makes this distinction such an important one to consider. Reputation Changer reviews all of the latest information regarding SEO—and in doing so, Reputation Changer reviews the best and most effective methodologies for serving its clients.

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May 31, 2013 by Emma B.

When I signed on with Reputation Changer, I was a recent college graduate and jobless. I was living at home with my parents and couldn't figure out why my hard earned degree wasn't landing me any jobs. I decided to take a look at my search results on Google because a good friend of mine told me that this was sometimes a way employer's searched their interviewees, and I couldn't believe my eyes. I saw links to my Facebook pictures from college right there on page one. I soon realized that this could be the reason I was lacking a job.

I tried my best to remove the images, but they still kept coming up. I was desperate and knew that I needed help. I called Reputation Changer after searching for an ORM company, and they set me up with a campaign. I was hesitant to spend the money, but I later found out it was worth it.

The workers at Reputation Changer did not promise me overnight results, so I knew that it would take a little bit of time. However, the time spent really made the results better. It has been about a year since all of this occurred, and I have been happily employed. These guys really should be considered the best in the ORM business.

May 22, 2013 by Jason C.

I recently started a small business and when I went to create a website, I found that the domain I wanted was already taken. Unfortunately, this website had nothing to do with my business and I had already spent money on my brand and couldn't change the name. I was really worried that people would google my company's name and find information for someone else's business. Frantic and distraught, I turned to Reputation Changer. They set me up with a brand enhancement plan and assured that my company's name would get out there. It only took a few months for my assets to rank over the other business's. Thank you again!

May 07, 2013 by Henry V.

I was having trouble finding a job due to a negative that was showing up on the first page of Google. After researching a few online reputation management companies, I decided to give Reputation Changer a try. I was set up with a great strategist who walked me through every step of my campaign. Since then, I have been able to find work and have Reputation Changer to thank.


May 06, 2013 by Megan A.

I'm truly grateful for the work of Reputation Changer. My son's reputation has been saved, and he now has a second chance at life. Thank you again!

Best in the Business

May 06, 2013 by Brian C.

Reputation Changer is the best in the business. Thank you guys again for all of your hard work and dedication.

Awesome design

Apr 29, 2013 by Dianna

Awesome design, congrats for the new site (800) 269-7984 10 North Church Street West Chester PA, 19380 USA 5.0 5.0 6 6 When I signed on with Reputation Changer, I was a recent college graduate and jobless. I was living at home with my parents and couldn't figure out why my hard earned degree wasn't

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